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Reasons Why You Do not Have Abs

Sixpack muscle at this time is a sign of sexy or not a man. So many men are desperate to get a six-pack stomach. However, the results are sometimes disappointing. If this happens, maybe you have done 1 of 5 reasons why your six-pack stomach muscles do not come look thick. To help you get your abdominal muscles, you can visit

1. You Too Much Have Fat in the Stomach

Strong abdominal muscles are the most underlying formation of six-pack muscles. Abdominal muscles are small muscle groups, so if there is still a lot of fat covering it will want to exercise your stomach until your waist is off, will never be able to make your sixpack stomach muscles appear on the surface of your stomach. Begin to scrape off your fat by adding a type of cardio workout and start adjusting a low-fat diet.

2. You Only Do Monotonous Abdominal Exercises

Often you meet people who train the stomach only with sit-up or crunch exercises only, whereas your abdominal muscles are divided into various parts and every part of your stomach should be trained in their own way. Begin searching for a more varied program and type of abdominal muscle workout so that every part of your abdominal muscles is fully trained.

3. You Practice Not Too Hard

Muscles are an ever-expanding part of the body, as are your abdominal muscles. Many people just train the abdominal muscles by relying on the number of reps performed. Instead of relying on reps, make your muscles work harder by adding a burden on your abdominal workouts so that your abdominal muscles are more aroused to grow thicker and more optimally.

4. You Rely on Sit up / Crunch To Eliminate Fat

Let’s get this straight. Basically, there is no particular type of exercise to remove fat in certain body parts. So if you want to lose fat in your stomach by simply relying on sit up / crunch, you will only do things in vain. Exercising the body as a whole is the right thing to burn fat in your body. Your own body is what will shape the fat that will burn. Raise your muscle mass to burn more fat, and add cardio exercise to your exercise program.