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Tips for watching a football match in a stadium

During the game, you will be a lot of shouting and jumping. Because everyone who came to the stadium not just wants to watch, but also give the spirit to the players. It must be draining stamina really. Yes, if do not want to watch it at home. Meanwhile, not many foods and beverage merchants are selling inside the stadium. Officers also usually forbid anyone to brought food and bottles into the drink. So just eat something before you enter the stadium, let the spirit continues to support your favorite team. Meanwhile, you may also want to check out the latest Arsenal news as well.

Don’t wear the wrong costume

Pake club attributes according to the team you support. Do not get the wrong costumes. If you come to the stadium to be a neutral supporter, just stay with the same club that matches again. Let cooler, join the club’s already coordinated supporter. Usually, they have songs and dance choreography that can be done together. This allows you to work together with other supporters to cheer up your team.

Come early

Comes at least 30 minutes or 1 hour before kick off. This will prevent you from the stampede and thrust that can happen when the other people want to come quickly as well. If you come early you can be free to choose the most strategic seat. So you can watch and clay the players in the field clearly.