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These troubles often drain your car battery very quickly

If the alternator is not problem alias is still normal, but the V-belt tension level is not right, it will trigger the fast battery is damaged. Because the electric current supplied by the alternator to the device is unstable, sometimes flowing rapidly and not infrequently smaller because of the V-belt slack. Vice versa, if the V-belt tension level is too tight. It’s because with a high level of V-belt tension then the rotation in the alternator wheel is also getting tighter. As a result, the resulting electric current is well above average. Meanwhile, you might want to check out best portable car battery charger for 12v AGM battery as well.

So, in addition to the alternator quickly damaged, the battery was also affected. Because the electric current charged to the battery is greater.

Excessive use of electronic devices

Using an electronic device in an increasingly diverse car means more electricity. If not offset by the supply of electric current from the alternator to the battery, the battery will be quickly damaged.

Even though using additional power tools. Because the electric current source remains the same alternator. Meanwhile, the alternator also has a certain maximum limit in accordance with the design of the manufacturer.

Therefore, it is advisable to adjust the ability of the alternator when making modifications that require a lot of electrical intakes.

Short-circuit power

Although not to cause a fire and a charred car, electrical short circuit events shorted or still affect the battery. Although in certain cases the battery can still be used even though the new car has a short circuit, the battery will not last long.

Therefore, as much as possible to avoid the car short-circuit. The trick, diligently check the electrical wiring and do not experiment to make the car electrical cable bypass. Also, check the cable connection and various electrical sockets.