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Watch Out, Different Tools Has Different Ways of Taking Care!

The use of faulty and incorrect manual hand tools will result in injury to the worker, equipment damage, and other losses. Most important in the use of hand tools is to use them according to size, type, and function. Errors of use will result in damage and defects in humans, work, or damage to the device.

In addition, you also must be diligent in taking care of tool tools so it can be more durable and not rusty. One way is to store it in the best portable mechanic tool box for home. With the right toolbox for your toolbox, it can be ascertained that you will have no trouble finding toolkits scattered everywhere because you have stored them in one right container. Apart from that, the following guides take care of the tooling to last!

1. Hammer
Hammer or hammer is commonly used for nailing, fixing an object, forging metal, and destroying an object. The hammer consists of two parts, namely the head and the handle or handle. Hammer has a variety of shapes and functions, including hammer nails, round hammer, rubber hammer, plastic hammer, and copper hammer.

How to treat it is to clean it first from the dirt by using a cloth, then check the hammer regularly to identify any damage. Then keep the hammer in the toolbox, closet or wall hangers.

2. Key Pas
The wrench / open end spanner/wrench works to tighten and remove bolts or nuts. To identify the type and size of the wrench, you can see it on the surface of the key.

How to care for this tool is to keep the wrench clean, clean with a clean cloth, then save the wrench in the toolbox, closet, or wall hangers, then check the wrench regularly to see signs of damage and wear. Immediately replace wrenches that are worn or damaged.