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These are Two Things You Should Remember About God While Having Many Problems

God always has various ways in order to make the creature becomes strong and not weak. There are several ways that god should you understand to not feel weak and feel that God never existed for you. You must always have holy spirit in order to make your life always vibrant and can live it very well and full of positive thoughts.

 There are some things you remember that God never leaves you alone and is always there for you. Some of these things are

1. God will not burden his creatures in the limits of his ability
Believe me, that God will not burden you with one problem in the limit of your ability as a human being. If God tests you with trouble, then god dear and sure that you can get through it well. It’s also a reminder that He wants you to be a strong and tough man.

2. Signs that God loves you
If it befalls a problem, then you should remember that God loves you very much. God gives trouble because he wants to hear your complaints that have been forgotten.