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The correct way to choose window blinds

According to expert designer DePedro Cunningham of Tilton Fenwick, the material is the most important part of the curtain, because the fabric will determine how well your curtains can function and hold from time to time. Meanwhile, perhaps you also need to check out the recommended online roller blinds.

Some of the curtain experts recommend, using natural-colored curtains; Because the color is not easy to fade, and the natural color of the curtain more easily blend or blend with the decor of the room.

You can also choose a window curtain fabric that can help keep you from cold temperatures. Materials such as curtains are usually widely used in hotel rooms that use the type of fabric curtain suede, velvet, rug, and wool. The thickness of the curtain can withstand light and keep the heat to enter the room.

Length and Curtain Lining

Before you measure the window curtain to be used, Determine how high from the top of the window or the upper limit of the curtain position will be hung. Keep in mind, if the curtain drag panel is higher than the window, this will make the room look taller.

Window draperies usually hang a curtain about 6 inches above the window frame.

In measuring the length of the window curtain, you can start from the top of the window plus the number of inches the height of the curtain that hangs up to the floor. For a more traditional look, you can take a long curtain-length of about 2 – 3 inches from the floor position. Or if you want a modern-style window shade, you can specify the length of the curtain to touch the floor.

To measure the width of the window curtain, be sure to add about 4-8 inches on either side and 2 times the number of folds until the curtains cover the windows fully.

Special window blinds vs. regular window curtains

Special window blinds offer many advantages over the usual window curtains. Such as adjusting the size of the curtain with the size of the window and the appearance of a curtain that can be formed according to your wishes.

The design of this particular window curtain is endless, from material to model. Nevertheless, the price to be spent on special curtains is much greater than that of a regular window curtain.