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3 Things you must know before going umrah

There may be some of you who are in the near future planning an Umrah trip to the Holy Land. Well, before embarking on a spiritual journey in Mecca and Medina, there is mention of 3 things first. In the meantime, you can visit http://www.hajjandumrah.com/umrah-packages to get one of the best deals for umrah and hajj.

Here are 3 things that should be understood and done by prospective pilgrims before embarking on the journey of Umrah worship.

1. Learn about Umrah

Before embarking on the journey, prepare yourself for everything about Umrah. You can buy books containing umrah worship guide. Learn also about Mecca and Medina before setting foot in the two holy cities.

Find good partners of worship

If you go with other people, they are people who can be good ‘partners of worship’. Having a good worship partner can make your Umrah trip more leverage. They will motivate you to do Tahajjud in the Haram, perform additional Tawaf, awaken you to mix the dawn and encourage you to do positive things while in the Holy Land.

3. Know the rules of the Ihram

Understand all the rules about the Ihram. For example, you canceled using fragrant soap with Ihram. So to get some fragrant soap before you go. Another example, you cannot wear head with Ihram cloth (for men). So you can control you to do that daylight in the Holy Land is very hot.