These are Two Things That Can Make Your Internet Quota Be More Thrifty

The Internet is a very important thing for everyone. All jobs will indeed require internet in all areas that exist today. For that, usually, people use in order to get a good and precise internet especially in terms of the internet network.

If you feel that your internet is on a network that is unstable and difficult to use, even when used it becomes very wasteful. So, some of these ways you can try to save the internet quota.

1. Turn off push notification
This trick is at least potent in saving internet usage. If you activate all the social media applications that exist on the smartphone, it can eat internet quota you have. turn off push notification and other applications that you rarely use to make save the internet quota you have.

2. Buy premium apps
Some of the plications on android does offer two versions, namely free and premium. No doubt there is a mistake if you use application with a premium version. Because usually a free application will have many ads that will eat a lot of your quota.

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